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Heisenberg Breaking Bad

Heisenberg is the self-anointed pseudonym of Walter White, the main character on the hit AMC show, Breaking Bad. Walter’s journey begins when he finds out he has terminal cancer and struggles with the issue of how he will secure his family’s future with such a seemingly short time span to live and no great financial means to fall back on.

The one thing Walt does have is a superb grasp of chemistry; he is after all, a high school chemistry teacher and (as we find out throughout the course of the show) a world class chemist.

Walt teams up with one of his former students, Jesse Pinkman, to cook and sell crystal meth. Jesse is already mixed up in a shady underworld of drugs and crime. He has used the things the Walt taught him in high school and put them to use in a less than desirable way. Walt believes that with his chemistry talents and Jesse’s drug connections, that they can build a big drug business that will help secure the money that Walter believes will take care of his family after he succumbs to cancer.

Heisenberg Breaking Bad

Along the way Walter discovers just how hard things can be as he makes many mistakes, and that is only when he is not cleaning up the constant messes that Jesse makes with his irresponsibility, immaturity, and drug problems. Compounding their problems are that Mr. White’s brother in law, Hank, is a DEA agent and he is looking for the cook of the new super pure meth that is on the streets, unaware that it is Walt.

After a big meth deal with a crazy dealer named Tuco goes awry, Jesse is left badly beaten, his product taken and no money given to him in the deal. It’s at this point that Walter White takes matters into his own hands and morphs himself from mild mannered chemistry teacher to drug dealing bad ass Heisenberg.

And this is exactly the Heisenberg Breaking Bad fans have come to expect.